Matt's Movie Reviews

Welcome to my little corner of the internet, where I analyze films.


Welcome to Matt’s Movie Reviews – a place where I seek to channel my passion for movies alongside my need to write.  The goal of this blog is to improve my writing and editing skills, while building a repertoire of writing samples.  Most of my writing will be my analysis of a film, from what it did right or what I enjoyed about it, to problems I had while watching a movie.

Warning: Spoilers!  I am generally leaving out synopsis for films I review and try to give my honest opinion about the film in question.  In doing so, I may need to reveal relevant plot details while I review.  So in case you haven’t seen a film yet, you have been warned!

Currently, the aim is to release at least one review a month.  As my schedule allows depending on work and other projects, I might aim to release more.

I’m grading movies on a ten point scale.  Movies will either be a recent release or an older work, nothing is off the table.  I have a list that I will be working through, so sit back and enjoy!

As always, any feedback is appreciated as like I said, my goal is to improve my writing skills.