Director:  Edgar Wright

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Original, Entertaining Cinema

In a time dominated by superhero movies and Fast and the FuriousBaby Driver offers an original car heist film that is exhilarating.  It’s not totally predictable and at times, you’ll find yourself fully drawn into the chase.

Edgar Wright does a wonderful job making the viewer care about the character, Baby.  Showing more of the protagonist’s daily life and struggles reinforces the viewer’s interest in the movie.  Furthermore, representation matters.  While, Wright could have just written dialogue, he had sign language incorporated into an integral character.  Also, Baby struggles with Tinnitus from a car accident as a kid. I think one of the clever tricks Wright does to reinforce Baby’s condition is having a subtle ringing noise at times audible to the viewer.  Among other aspects of Baby’s life, by seeing the hero struggle against the life he lives, we as the audience actively start to care for him.

So when it comes to Go time, it’s Go time.   For a run time of around two hours, the film does not feel slow.  At times as I was watching the film, I noticed my hands were clutched in front of me as Baby struggles.

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Arguably thanks to James Gunn’s Guardians of the Galaxy, there has been a rebirth of older music into modern cinema.  These older songs are fantastic and probably what modern day directors listened to growing up.  I would even argue by not trying to modernize the music to the latest hits, adding older hits from artists such as Queen or The Beach Boys, adds credibility to the film.  Great music deserves to be listened to because it’s timeless.  Here is a full list of the soundtrack for more classics.

Please, do yourself a favor if you love good music and good cinema – go see Baby Driver in theaters.  Studios listen to the box office numbers.  So if you want more original movies made in Hollywood, you know what to do.

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